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Wholesale Mig Vapor & Council of Vapor Brain Fogger + Mini Volt Wax Kit

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Brain Fogger + Mini Volt Wax Kit
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Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Paired with the Council of Vapor Mini Volt 40W
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Mig Vapor & Council of Vapor Brain Fogger + Mini Volt Wax Kit

The Brain Fogger by Mig Vapor wax pen atomizer is unique in the world of vaping concentrates. With its new Reverse Stacked Coil design, concentrates will melt the on
 the upper coil, then flow to the lower coil for vaporization.

The Brain Fogger is able to be used with sub-ohm and Temperature controlled vaping devices and the sleek design and robust flavor production is sure to impress!

*Don't forget to pick-up Replacement Coils & Replacement Glass for the Brain Fogger.

Recommended Use Directions:

  • 1. Watts range 7W-12W
  • 2. Temperature Range 200F Degrees ~ 300F Degrees
  • 3. Inhale time is recommended 12~ 15s
  • 4. Do not over load wax on the coil
  • 5. Melt for 5-10 seconds before the first hit, it will take a few seconds to heat the device, and for the wax to melt to the lower coil. After the first hit it is quicker.


  • Features:
  • -Glass bubble mouthpiece tank Globe
  • -For use with sub ohm batteries and TC batteries
  • -Ceramic Reverse stacked coils for Concentrates
  • -Warning - when top is off Exposed Coils
  • -Baking watts 7 - 12w mod (MR Battery)
  • -New ceramic heating technology
  • -10 Second heat up time
  • -No Plastics
  • -Stainless steel coated in Black
  • -Baking style or burn


  • -Brain Fogger vape pen atomizer
  • -Dab Tool
  • -New heat sensitive air-flow-base
  • -Rubber tank protector
  • -User Manual
  • -Gold plated 510 connectors
  • -Gift Box
  • -DOA Warranty

The Mini Volt Box Mod by Council of Vapor is an ultra sleek and compact miniature 40W mod with an internal 1300mAh battery and incredibly easy functionality. 
The Mini Volt 40W Box Mod has three different ramp modes: soft, standard and power. The body is constructed of a carbon fiber grip with a black rubberized paint 
coat, and is virtually the smallest mod on the market while providing exceptional performance. 


-Dimensions: 35mm x 22mm x 56mm
-Internal 1300mah Battery
-Wattage: 5 - 40W
-Carbon Fiber Grip
-Rubberized Black Paint Coat
-Super Compact Size
-3 Ramp Modes
-LED Display Screen
-Micro USB Charging Port
-510 Threaded Connection

Note: Rich Mountain Distribution is a Wholesale Vapor Supply source for businesses with a valid Business License and Sales Tax ID Only.