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Wholesale Yocan Dive Mini Concentrate Pen

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Dive Mini Concentrate Pen
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400mAh Concentrate Pen with 3 Voltage Settings
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Yocan Dive Mini Concentrate Pen

The latest in wax pen technology, the Yocan Dive Mini is a befitting successor to the larger and bulkier Yocan Dive. Both devices share the same DNA and therefore both function as a nectar collector. However, what differentiates the Yocan Dive Mini from its big brother apart from its size is its dual functionality. The Yocan Dive Mini functions both as a nectar collector allowing you to dab straight right out of your wax container and as a dab pen. The Yocan Dive Mini is outfitted with a 400mAh battery that offers more than enough power for several sessions in between charges. The vapors are delivered either via the standard steel mouthpiece or via the inclusive glass attachment that faithfully preserves the overall quality of the material you’re consuming. The Yocan Dive Mini is Yocan’s latest entry to the dab pen platform and is the perfect companion for consumers who are always on-the-go. Make the Yocan Dive Mini a part of your arsenal today!


  • - Built-In 400mAh battery
  • - 5 Click On/Off functionality
  • - Magnetic Mouth Piece Design
  • - 2 Mouth Piece Options: Normal Mouth Piece & Glass Globe Attachment
  • - Three voltage levels: White: 3.2V  /  Blue: 3.6V  /  Green: 4.2V
  • - New Yocan XTAL Coil & XTAL Tip atomizers: XTAL Coil - Standard Vaporizer Coil  /  XTAL Tip - Touch Coil (Similar to the Original Yocan Dive)
  • - Charged via Micro USB
  • - Pass-through Charging
  • - Designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean


  • - 1 x Dive Mini Device
  • - 1 x XTAL Coil
  • - 1 x XTAL Tip
  • - 1 x Glass Attachment
  • - 1 x Pick Tool
  • - 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • - 1 x User Manual

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