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Wholesale Yocan Dive A Portable Nectar Collector

Dive A Portable Nectar Collector
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650MAH Concentrate Nector Collector with 3 Temperature Settings from Yocan
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Yocan Dive

The Yocan Dive is a portable nectar collector vaporizer that is set to break barriers and transcend boundaries in the vaping industry. As a nectar collector it lets users vape wax concentrates directly from their containers. The Dive saves time and material from having to transfer wax from jar to chamber. It also saves users the trouble of having to clean what could be leftovers and material buildup from using a traditional wax vaporizer. The Dive's touch style coils are made from medical-grade components. They are unique coils that can easily be used to dab straight into concentrate bowls. Instead of using titanium nails that are heated with butane blow torches, the Yocan Dive allows users to experience the same vaping style without the risks of using haphazard tools. The Dive is a one-handed operation, meaning that users can dab right out of their wax containers, allowing them to take more concentrates at the same time and do it without using a dab tool. With the Dive, users can easily monitor how much concentrate they've used since they can virtually see the concentrates straight from the container as they vaporize. The Dive has three preset temperature profiles, low, medium, and high. Each temperature profile is adjusted to fit any users vaping needs. The low  profile facilitates a slow burn which yields smoother, more flavorful milky clouds of vapor. The high-temperature profile yields thick vapor and bears intensified effects. The mild temperature profile creates the perfect balance of flavor and vapor. Whatever the users preference is, the Yocan Dive is the best and has got it covered. Grab your Yocan Dive Portable Nectar Collector from today.


  • -Built-In 650mah Battery
  • -5 Click On/Off
  • -Three Heating Modes
  • -Mode Indicator Lights: Red Light = Low Power, Green Light = Medium Power & White Light = High Power
  • -MicroUSB Charging Port
  • -Touch Coil Design
  • -Magnetic Cap Cover
  • -Easy to Clean


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