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Wholesale Yocan UNI Kit

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650MAH Thick Oil Cartridge Battery wIth Adjustable Tank Features
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Yocan UNI Kit

The Yocan UNI Kit is a 650mah battery with adjustable features that cater to all thick oil cartridge sizes and lengths. The UNI Kit's adjustable knobs are located right beneath the lips of the cartridge chamber and has an adjustable lever to adjust the height of the cartridge level. No more worrying about cartridges not fitting, the Yocan UNI Kit can easily adjust to the level of the cartridge allowing users to assume easy and convenient vaping sessions. The UNI Kit is outfitted with a 510 threaded magnetic connector ring adapter that simply attatches to the bottom of the cartridge so that the cartridge can stay in place. The 510 threaded magnetic connector will ensure full compatibility amongst all cartridges, while keeping a stable flow of power and the right amount of heat to the cartridge. The Yocan UNI Kit stands a little over 7 centimeters or a little over 2 inches. It’s ultra-small and can easily be concealed in the palm of a hand. One of the main heating functionalities of the Yocan UNI Kit is its 10-second pre-heat feature. This preheat function allows users to prime their cartridges before use. By tapping the power button twice users can put the UNI in preheat mode which lasts for 10 seconds. After users are finished simply press the power button twice again to deactivate the function. The Yocan UNI is also outfitted with three temperature settings allowing users to reap the benefits of their thick oil cartridges. The low setting activates the terapines found in most thick oil material, while the higher setting takes advantage of the precious active ingredients that trigger both the psychoactive and therapeutic benefits of thick oils. Each temperature profile is represented by a light above the power button. Each light corresponds to each setting being low, middle, and high. Pressing the button thrice in rapid succession lets users toggle in between temperature profiles. Lastly the Yocan UNI Kit has a window located on the side of the unit. This allows users to see the material level so they know when it’s time to refill. The UNI kit also charges with an included MicroUSB cable giving users the freedom to choose how they want to charge the UNI. What are you waiting for? Get the Yocan UNI Kit from today.


  • -Compact Design
  • -Built-In 650mah battery
  • -MicroUSB Charging Port
  • -Included Magnetic 510 Connector Ring 
  • -Five Clicks On/Off
  • -Preheat 10 Second Functionality
  • -3 Adjustable Voltage Levels
  • -Adjustable Cartridge Holder
  • -Thick Oil Level Window
  • -Great For Thick Oil Cartridges
  • -Compatible With Atomizers That Have A Diameter of 6mm - 12mm
  • -Rotatable Adjustment Dial To Adjust Inner Diameter To Fit Atomizers


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