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Wholesale DabCap

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510/Pod Vaporizer-To-Rig Adapter
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The DabCap is an extremely versatile vaporizer-to-rig adapter to connect a wide variety of cartridge vaporizers to your favorite water pieces! The DabCap is an easy to use water piece adapter made from flexible food-grade silicone to allow for a variety of applications. The DabCap will allow you to use your favorite male or female water pieces with your cartridge vaporizer of choice!

The DabCap has cart-specific holes for most 510 oil dab cartridge vape mouthpieces, and the DabCap boasts near-universal compatibility with a newly designed top which has openings for tapered/duckbill mouthpieces, round mouthpieces, and newly released pod systems! Use with nearly any vape, on any piece! Get yours from today!


  • - Compatible with 18mm, 14mm, and 10mm male or female pieces
  • - Improved Design: Redesigned from the ground up, we've made the DabCap's connection entrance more universal than ever before. Use with any cartridge, almost any pod, and even most flower vapes! 
  • - Anti-Dust: An anti-static dust & hair repelling treatment was added to the exterior walls of the DabCap. Your DabCap should now always stay clean, no matter where you drop it.
  • - Made of Food Grade, Flexible Silicone
  • - The nonrigid design allows for many vapes to work
  • - Almost Indestructible: Made from tough, temperature-resistant silicone, the DabCap is near indestructible! Safe up to 550°F!
  • - Simplicity: No mess, no cleanup


Note: Rich Mountain Distribution is a Wholesale Vapor Supply source for businesses with a valid Business License and Sales Tax ID Only.