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Wholesale Clear Silicone Tester Drip Tips

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Clear Silicone Tester Drip Tips (Bag of 500)
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Individually Packaged Disposable Clear Silicone Tester Drip Tips - Come in 1 Bag of 500 Individually Packaged Tester Tips
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Clear Silicone Tester Drip Tips

The Clear Silicone Tester Drip Tips are made of clear silicone, disposable and individually packaged. They are sold in bags of 500. Get your Clear Silicone Tester Drip Tips from today.


  • -Individually Packaged
  • -Come in a Bag of 500 Tester Tips
  • -Best Quality
  • -Made of Silicone
  • -Durability
  • -Pliability 
  • -Not Fragile
  • -Lightweight


  • 1 x Bag of 500 Clear Individually Packaged Silicone Tester Drip Tips

Note: Rich Mountain Distribution is a Wholesale Vapor Supply source for businesses with a valid Business License and Sales Tax ID Only.

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