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Wholesale JUUL Basic Kit

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JUUL Basic Kit
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JUUL Basic Kit

The JUUL Electronic Vapor Cigarette by PAX may just be the first real GREAT e-cig! PAX has invested a ton of money and research into developing the first truly satisfying e-cigarette for current smokers. With the right flavor, consistency, power and nicotine strength it is the best bet for anyone trying to quit smoking! 

The JUUL is built to satisfy with just the right right nicotine strength and vapor quality. The JUUL provides controlled power and temperature to create a smooth vaping experience. The JUUL uses a liquid-to-wick cartridge system to insure thick, consistent, flavorful vapor production. The JUUL has a super simple interface with no buttons, or switches, just imply insert a JUUL pod into the JUUL and draw. There is an indicator light that communicates battery life and pull strength as you draw vapor. The JUUL is charged by a magnetic USB charger that comes included with the JUUL Basic Kit and reaches a full charge in 1 hour. The JUUL has an internal temperature regulation and a small battery with a high discharge rate to accommodate ~200 puffs/charge.

To start vaping with the JUUL simply remove the colored cap and insert a JUUL cartridge into the JUUL device. The cartridge top becomes your mouthpiece as well a flavorful engine that powers the JUUL. No buttons or switches, just draw to get it going, carefully at first, it may seem strong to first-timers. The indicator glows during use to reflect pull strength and charging. When a pod is inserted, gently tap device twice to show charge level: Green = High, Yellow = Medium and Red = Low. Get your JUUL Basic Kit from today.


  • -Controlled Power & Temperature
  • -Internal Temperature Regulation
  • -Small & Long Lasting Battery: -200 Puffs/Charge
  • -Smooth Vaping Experience
  • -Uses Liquid-To-Wick Cartridge System
  • -Consistent Flavor
  • -No Buttons
  • -No Switches
  • -Draw Activated
  • -Indicator Light For: Pull Strength & Battery Life
  • -Magnetic USB Charger
  • -Full Charge in 1 Hour


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