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Wholesale 650mah 3 Temp Button Battery

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650mah 3 Temp Button Battery
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3 Temperature Setting 650MAH LED Button Rechargeable 510 Threaded Vape Pen Battery With A PreHeat Setting!
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650mah 3 Temp Button Battery

The 650mah 3 Temp Button Battery is 510 threaded rechargeable vape pen battery with a 3 temperature variable voltage setting and a LED color changing button. The battery's button turns different colors for different voltages; green is for 2.6V, red for 3.3V, and Blue for 4.0V. The LED button turns a gradient of colors as the battery preheats and is easy to use with CE3 and A3 cartridges or other cartridges purchased from dispensaries. Grab your 650mah 3 Temp Button Battery from today.


  • - 650mah Battery Capacity
  • - HGB Battery Core
  • - 510 Thread
  • - Diameter: 11.2mm  |  Length:82mm
  • - Charge voltage: 4.2V
  • - Over-Discharge Protection
  • - Overcurrent Protection
  • - Short Circuit Protection
  • - Button led light indication: 2.6V Green, 3.3V Red, and 4.0V Blue light & Preheating Mixed lights
  • - Preheating time: 15s/60s
  • - Five clicks on/off
  • - Auto-Sensing Smoke


  • 1 x 650mah Battery
  • 1 x USB Charger

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