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At Rich Mountain Distribution we believe in hearkening back to the good old days when dedication to the customer was the keystone of a business. If something goes wrong, we will make it right with our humble services and passion for our product. Our customer relationships are very much like a mountain from which we got our namesake: strong and long-lasting.

  WARNING: Some of these products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. 



If you have products you need sourced or you want us to distribute your products,
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We here at Rich Mountain Distribution take all the hassle out of sourcing vapor products for your business.

Your #1 Source For The Latest Vapor & Herb Friendly Supplies

Rich Mountain Distribution is a strictly wholesale / distribution company selling only to stores with valid business licenses. Once you are verified as a wholesale customer, you can shop at, which offers high quality vapor wholesale products, wholesale vapor accessories, as well as great wholesale Herb friendly hardware and accessories and anything that may be related to the industry. We only partner with established companies who have stellar quality control and innovative new vaping and herb friendly products. As a result, Rich Mountain Distribution carries the widest selection of Pod Devices, Pre-Filled juice pods, Starter Kits, Mods, Tanks, Disposables, Chargers, Herb friendly hardware and accessories.

Rich Mountain Distribution is the official distributor of Still Chuck Drip Tips as well as an authorized distributor of many brands including HoneyStick, DazzVape, Weepor and Rokin.

Our constantly expanding wholesale vape products and wholesale Herb friendly inventory is updated daily. We work hard to keep our online inventory current in order to eliminate the need for back ordering an item. While perusing Rich Mountain Distribution’s online store, check out the "Deals" link on our top nav. In this section of our site, we offer both sale and clearance vape products at even better prices. Also check out the​ "Herb Friendly" tab on the top nav. In this section we offer great wholesale Herb Friendly hardware for concentrates, dry herbs, and oils.

All Herb Friendly products are owner tested and approved.

All shipping is from our Fort Lauderdale, Florida warehouse.


Why Choose Rich Mountain Distribution as Your Vape Accessories Wholesale Supplier?

Vape distributors are very important if you are looking for wholesale vapor products for your vape store, smoke shop, or dispensary. At some point you may have considered using a Chinese vapor accessories wholesaler. However, as our animated video above shows there are clear differences between purchasing items from a Chinese distributor and choosing Rich Mountain Distribution, an American-based wholesale vape distributor.

Guaranteed Genuine Products:

Most Asian vaping suppliers are very clear about which of their vape items are authentic and which ones are knock offs. Having said that,  you have probably heard stories about people buying what they believed was authentic vaping gear, only to receive a cheap knockoff or clone. You do not want to be disappointed with the authenticity or quality of your vape products.

Super Fast Delivery of your Vape Products:

An obvious issue when ordering from China is the potential for extended or delayed shipping. It takes much longer for wholesale vaping products to be shipped from China then just across state lines. In addition, items shipped from overseas must pass through Customs, which in some cases may add more delay time. Compare 10-14 business days (2-3 weeks) for vaping products from China using standard shipping versus the quick shipping from Rich Mountain Distribution.

Contacting Chinese Wholesaler: Don’t expect to be able to make a quick phone call to ask a question or get more information on a particular vape product / accessory. Remember there is a time difference between China and the US so response to an email could take hours. Plus, the language barrier can make communicating extremely difficult. What might take a simple call or email to a Rich Mountain Distribution customer service rep could take multiple chats or emails to a Chinese counterpart.

Although most Chinese vapor suppliers will list return / exchange policies on their websites, it is neither a simple nor smooth process. If returns are possible, you are more than likely to be responsible for expensive return shipping costs as well as be required to fill out extra documentation to ship the item overseas.

Note: If you receive items that you do not know how to use, we encourage you to contact us for proper care instructions and more in depth information on your items. We are happy to help.

Rich Mountain Distribution customers can order vape products wholesale online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to contact a customer service person. Customers can call us @ 844-420-RICH (7424) with any questions they may have Monday - Friday  9am - 5 pm PST.


Simply put, Rich Mountain Distribution provides the easiest and most efficient way to get your vapor shop, smoke shop, and / or dispensary supplies from a reliable wholesale vape distributor who has your needs and interests foremost in mind. Rich Mountain Distribution is an owner operated wholesale distribution company that stands behind our mission of utilizing old-school principles of business that were around long before vaping: unbeatable customer service, honesty, and integrity.  We not only offer you great products at great prices, but also try to keep things simple.